Stretch tents are the new and affordable alternative to hiring a traditional marquee. Stretch tents are made from an extremely strong, totally waterproof and amazingly stretchy material.

These freestyle structures are architecturally stunning and flexible enough to fit any area, to any size, cover uneven ground, become part of a building and can be configured in countless ways.

Freedom to choose the exact location, size, form and even the colour means that the space designed for your special event is only limited by your imagination. So, you can think outside the box and still stay within your budget.

Style, sophistication and pure practicality

At Dazzling we understand that organizing an outdoor event in the Kenya has to take into account our Sub-Saharan weather. However, it doesn’t mean that the solution has to be a square white canvas box!!!

Every element of your event is considered, tailored and themed – now you can include the marquee structure as part of that planning process. Creating a beautifully designed and simply stunning environment for your guests for the same kind of price as a standard marquee

Our Stretch Tents come in beige, white colours. We also have semi-open tops. They are in various sizes from the smallest 7mx12m which is just a fifty-seater to the largest which 500-seater single tent is.

They can be joined to hold up to more than 4000 People.